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Onjay Mak
Death Valley Gypsies

Anjay Mak  

Guitar | Keyboards



Andrzej Makaruk, 

AKA “Angie" has been playing in bands since the mid 70's.


Angie has covered most all types and styles of rock. He got his start performing with the band Premier at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco.  Angie has performed in such bands as Premier, The Kick, Mr. Clean, Perfect Strangers, Idot Savant, and Silver Tongue Devils.


Throughout the years, Angie has performed with players such as David Jacobson (Former keyboardist of Eric Martin's Mr. Big), Lead vocalist Robert Sielder of the hit single, ”Sick of You”, and the late lead vocalist Gary B.  After 1996, Angie took some time off from music to concentrate on his family. Although Angie wasn’t tied down to any one project, he did stay busy filling in and jamming with other local musicians.  Currently Angie is back on the scene blasting out the jams with his current band DEATH VALLEY GYPSIES.

dvg onjay bow.jpg

1960 Les Paul standard

Gretsch Whitey

Earl Slick 1959

Rickenbacker 660

Rickenbacker 12str

Rogue sitar

Crate V series amps

Marshall 1971 50w

Soundcity  cab

Guitars/ Gear
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