Hailing from San Francisco...

THE Death Valley Gypsies musical touchstones range from 1960s British Invasion groups such as the Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds, to the glam-rock glitz of the New York Dolls and early Aerosmith, as well as Michigan proto-punk legends MC5 and the Stooges. They believe in, above all things, having a good time and entertaining their fans with their energetic, flashy live shows.


Dave Ferreira

Guitar / Vocals 


Shannon Ross

Vocals / Guitar

Anjay Mak

Anjay Mak 

Guitar / Vocals

Fernando Torres
JV Fowler

"Fernando.....Rockin' stuff man! Glad you're playing in a band again. Dig the bluesy, sleazy vibe. Let me know when you're playing. Good luck with it and Feliz Navidad".   

- Dave Rude, guitarist /Tesla

"It was a pleasure working with you guys! Cool songs, cool band, your singer is awesome by the way! (lol of course you know that) and a great chance to also see Michael Schenker! Thank you guys for the opportunity"!

(Whisky A Go Go April 15th 2019) 

- Germ`an Villacorta, Producer/Engineer

"Went inside to catch the next band, Death Valley Gypsies. They were a good band! And were a pretty good fit for this show". (Schenkerfest, Whisky A Go Go, April 2019) 
- Russ Allsup, Modesto View Magazine

"This band has a gritty edge, awesome original tunes and if they do a cover they make it special. Totally refreshing to find this kind of energy in a local band".  

- Michael Melville

"The Death Valley Gypsies sound combines all the right elements of some of my favorite groups: from the rootsiness of the mid-late 60s British Invasion bands to the vital proto-punk/glam rock intensity of the early 70s, They present their influences in a close-knit, airplay ready manner fit for the present day..."  

- Josh Robertson, Music Writer

"Hey Dave, thanks so much for having us on the bill last night! We had a great time and I loved DVG - YOU are a motherf....r on guitar"!

- Scott Quay, Spider Garage band