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Death Valley Gypsies
Death Valley Gypsies

"It was a pleasure working with you guys! Cool songs, cool band, your singer is awesome by the way! And a great chance to also see Michael Schenker! Thank you guys for the opportunity"!

(Whisky A Go Go April 15th 2019) 

Germ`an Villacorta, Producer/Engineer

The Death Valley Gypsies are a popular San Francisco based

Rock & Roll Band formed in 2017.

THE Death Valley Gypsies musical touchstones range from 1960s British Invasion groups such as the Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds, to the glam-rock glitz of the New York Dolls and early Aerosmith, as well as Michigan proto-punk legends MC5 and the Stooges. They believe in, above all things, having a good time and entertaining their fans with their energetic, flashy live shows.


"Next to last up was one of my favorite rock & roll bands! I drove all the way down to Hollywood to surprise them and shoot their set at this iconic music venue. As usual they did not disappoint! The crowd loved them and were hollering for an encore! They were signing autographs for some new fans. I wish they had their EP/Album released. They probably would have sold out". 

- Wayne Lawton, Photographer Dec. 29, 2019 Wiskey A Go Go, Hollywood CA

"Fernando.....Rockin' stuff man! Glad you're playing in a band again. Dig the bluesy, sleazy vibe. Let me know when you're playing. Good luck with it and Feliz Navidad".   

- Dave Rude, guitarist /Tesla

"Went inside to catch the next band, Death Valley Gypsies. They were a good band! And were a pretty good fit for this show". (Schenkerfest, Whisky A Go Go, April 2019) 
- Russ Allsup, Modesto View Magazine

"This band has a gritty edge, awesome original tunes and if they do a cover they make it special. Totally refreshing to find this kind of energy in a local band".  

- Michael Melville

"The Death Valley Gypsies sound combines all the right elements of some of my favorite groups: from the rootsiness of the mid-late 60s British Invasion bands to the vital proto-punk/glam rock intensity of the early 70s, They present their influences in a close-knit, airplay ready manner fit for the present day..."  

- Josh Robertson, Music Writer

"Hey Dave, thanks so much for having us on the bill last night! We had a great time and I loved DVG - YOU are a motherf....r on guitar"!

- Scott Quay, Spider Garage band

From the fans & The Press ...

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