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Death Valley Gypsies

"Fernando was born in Peru and first got bit by the rock' n 'roll bug when he heard AC/DC's 1980 classic “Back in Black” which he admits was a life-changing experience. The song's powerful chords, sexy riffs and bluesy solos topped with Brian Johnson's screaming voice sent a rush of adrenaline running through his body. Soon after, he discovered Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and later Mötley Crüe

and Guns n' Roses.


He picked up the acoustic guitar first, learning the basic chords, and shortly thereafter decided to transform it into an acoustic bass. In Peru, he was so poor he could not afford to change or buy new strings, so when they inevitably broke he learned how to mend them with wire and then boil them to get all of the rust and grime out and make them crisp.


His previous outfits included a hard rock group called Sacra, and later was part of a more straight rock'n'roll band called Los Nańos. After moving to San Francisco, he played the blues for years in North Beach and took part in other musical endeavors that never got off the ground.


Fernando brings passion, commitment, and ideas to Death Valley Gypsies. He believes in being honest in the proposal of the group's rock'n'roll attitude, without making compromises. He's excited about the future of the band and loves playing live and having fun, and believes life is too short to waste time.

He prefers Gallien-Krueger amplifiers for their crunchy and pounding delivery. Depending on what the song requires, he switches between a Fender Jazz Bass for a crisp and crunchy sound, and a Gibson Thunderbird for a more fat and round tone".

Fernando Torres | bass 


Basses: Fender Jazz Bass & Gibson Thunderbird


Amplification: Gallien-Krueger and Mark Bass

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