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Dave Ferreira
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Death Valley Gypsies


Gibson Les Pauls & Fender Telecasters



Fender 1965 Super Reverb  (main amplifier)

Fender 1968 Dual Showman head

Fender 2x15 cabs loaded with 15” vintage JBL speakers

HiWatt 1972 head



Vox Wah pedals

MOOG Theremin

DeArmond Volume Pedals

MXR Phase 45

Vintage Maestro Echoplex

Dave Ferreira.png

Dave Ferreira 

Guitar | Vocals



"Ever since Dave heard the Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" at a young age, he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, and proceeded to wear the grooves down on the vinyl copy his neighbor had given him.  Dave really believes in the power of buttery-smooth all-analog sounds, and feels in this day and age the rawness and power of music is being watered down and lost, mostly due to the sterilization and neutering of digital recording and processing. He is a collector of vintage guitars and equipment, and is of the opinion that the older, originally issued gear blows away the reissues.


Dave has played in quite a number of bands in a hard rock/proto-punk vein, including Sonic Lover Affair, The Mary Kelly Superstar, and Vicious Power. He also gigged in and around San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Sacramento, as well as played with members from 4 Non Blondes, Y&T, Dandy Warhols, John Spencer Blues Explosion, and others. He is the owner of Niles Canyon Music, a store that buys, sells, and trades new, used, and vintage music gear.


As well as his collection of music equipment, Dave also digs 60s-70s fashion and has a large wardrobe to choose from. He has an extensive library of rare and occult literature, (featuring the?) such as the works of Aliester Crowley and Carlos Castenada. He also loves 70s custom classic vans, and collects vintage jukeboxes, analog hi-fi equipment, and old pinball machines. He studied film, and was largely inspired by the works of underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger, and has a wide array of 8mm/16mm/35mm Nikon cameras and Tokina lenses.  To top it all, he is a huge animal lover and is quite fond of a black cat that likes to hang out at his place.

Having a desire to create a new group under his direction, he ran ads in a local guitar shop looking for like-minded musicians, and in the winter of 2016, Death Valley Gypsies was born".


- Josh Robertson

Dave endorses Ernie Ball electric guitar strings.

Dave Ferreira
Dave Ferreira
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